I am often carrying books around from client to client or from job to job. In a world where we have everything in digital form, I still find joy in having information in a physical form. I wanted to compile a short reading list of some of the books I have at my side right now and can recommend as great resource material.





Knowledge is power


Markenzeichen + Firmensignets / Trademarks & Corporate Symbols

Novum Press

I love these kinds of books, It's always important to look into the past for inspiration after all a lot of the same questions we ask today were already solved in the past. Even though we live in a digital world and must think about the flexibility of design, designer of the past had the same values we have today i.e clarity, craftsmanship, form, legibility and structure. This book dips into the past and catalogues a lot of trademarks and symbols from a time gone by, you also might be surprised to find some familiar designs in there you thought had been only just been created.

Creative Personal Branding

J├╝rgen Salenbacher

There are parts of this book I enjoy and others not so much. The reason I am adding this though is that it encourages reflective thinking. As creatives, we all must think about how others see us if we like it or not. If we want to create a strong desirable brand we must be able to view our own selves objectively without bias. The book does is broken up into a series exercises (not my favourite activity) which could work for some but it's the questions that you are asked to answer that I feel are spot on

Typographic Systems

Kimberly Elam

This I think has been the book I have lent out more times than another. It's all about the world of grids, and if any of you know me you know I love grids. There are many types of grids and this book tackles a fair few, I am love to break the rules but as you know you can't do that until you know them. A must read for any newcomer to design!


Zeichen, Marken Signets

I will continue to rave about these books.Great inspiration and as relevant today as when they were made. If you look hard enough you may just find the 'Beats by Dre' logo and the 'Airbnb' logo. A solid purchase and a designers bible.