As you probably saw from the title of this project, it is indeed a concept. I am a big believer in side projects, and one of those for me is helping out people or brands that would benefit from my input. I sometimes like to look at existing brands and re work them. When I do this I always give the work done away for free. Side projects keep us as designers on our toes and can also help people out in the process. If you get the chance check out Wildwuchs they are a small Hamburg based brewery with super nice beer.

The Process.

Wildwuchs is a Hamburg based craft beer brewery. This a concept design for the branding and label design for the bottles. I am a big fan of craft beer and saw this as a perfect opportunity to have a little play when it comes to beer packaging and branding.





The labels on the bottles are the creative playground. Here we can experiment and create designs as diverse as the product itself. I have created a system that we could use to create a consistent design standard across all the bottle designs. Large logo with a key colour from that label design on the back, beer ingredients and legal info down the side with the main the design up front. The designs will always be striking and recognisable to Wildwuchs, setting the brand apart from all other competitors on the shelf.





A bold and brave edition to the Wildwuchs family, this ale contains Carroux coffee making it a rich dark sophisticated ale. I have kept the original colours here and created this modern style illustration that again is recognisable as Wildwuchs. A striking bold design for a sophisticated modern approach to ale. This defiantly pops off the shelf asking to be drunk immediately!

Sophisticated, rich, modern, alternative, energy, coffee





Also a contemporary lager, the design was created in a post modern and expressive way. It has a very bold style the shouts Wildwuchs! This is a lager that deserves to be celebrated with a fresh cool design, a lager that is also a lifestyle choice as well a beer that quenches and tantalises the taste buds!

Sunny, post modern, quenching, cascade hops, Art, lifestyle