A Brief History of Time


2012 . 2018

It has been quite a ride ... I have had the chance to work on some amazing projects with some incredible people over the years. Here are a few for the archives. They span a whole range of disaplines from branding to websites, Apps to skateboards. All my work over the years has been about story telling, trying to build the honest and the authentic. To this day I continue to be inspired to create great design by the influenctial people I meet and the never ending search to become better than I was the day before.

Below is a short overview of some of my favourite projects from the past couple of years.


“Neon” is One of Germany's most recognised youth and culture magazines. For this we created the mix media abstract work based on recycling some of their articles and features into works of art, The 'Impossible Billboard' was a billboard that made dreams come true! The public were able to interact with it and be transported into another world via motion capture with a little help from some crazy props). The print ads were all created using paper and reflected the messages in our headlines. They ended up looking pretty dope. 



A slide sharing service that allowed the presenter to cast their presentations from anywhere. The viewers were also able to record, comment and partisipate too. We built this brand experience with the fantastic designers Leonard Fishman, Peter Fehler and managed by Claus Jacobsen as the STRIVE collective.


Coca Cola / Olympic Games

The Olympics landed in London in 2012 and I was asked to be part of the global design team to build the identity for Coca Cola's presence at the game. To this day it was still a great honour to have been asked to be part of the team and is still one of my most loved projects. The process was very progressive and very collaborative one, working remotely with other creatives from around the world.



A complete branding project including photoshoot and website. This was a really nice package to do as I was able to over see the whole experience from start to finish.


German Wings

One of Germany's leading airlines needed a new look. The vision for the design was one that was agile and could be used in many ways to promote the brand. A clean sophisticated design that used the runway as a platform was created. The runway could always be seen in the advertising and linked the world together as a key signifier, creating continuity across all design execution. The clean look gave a sense of sophistication and security but at the same time had a youthful energy to it. Using very stylised props and people to promote the dynamic approach to the brand story.



Made by hand, created with hands. At the very heart of the Subway brand is a product that is created by people for the people. I really wanted to make this a driving force of inspiration for how the new campaign would look. All the typography would be created with the same handmade feel used to create the subway sandwich. Honesty and passion for creativity can clearly be seen when something is created by hand. All the promotion and advertising were created in house by passionate designers with their very own hands. The design approached rolled out across Germany and has remained popular and still drives the look for subway today.


BMW Iconic Brand Element

I had the fantastic opertunity to work with an amazing team over at Landor. We built the iconic brand element for BMW. This is a form that is modula by nature. It can exsist as furniture, architecture and as a bold form that can has an expressive relationship with the car placed underneath it. The form morphs to its surroundings to tell many different stories.  


Golf Gti

For the 35th anniversary of the Golf Gti I worked together with DDB to produce a web special to celebrate this iconic car.



Working along side my friend Tom Woollard we built this campaign for Jagermeister. The theme was ... The incredible Explorer. We created seveal scenarios where these trepid explorers would be in the most epic of situations trying to find the holy Jagermeister.



Moduler, universal, Scalable, on trend, community based, authentic and truly MINI. Well this was a challenge that any creative how loves branding would be dying to get their teeth into. Well I was lucky enough to be asked and this was my solution to the problem. A container that celebrated local artisans and local culture. The container transformed into a mini market that celebrated everything in that area. The containers could be stacked and turned into a not so mini but large market.


NH Music Hotel Berlin

Music and Lifestyle hotel! there's a combination I want to be a part of. I worked with international interior and furniture designer Kari Rashid's designs to create the look for the NH Berlin flagship store. Brand building, illustration, storytelling, interactive books, multiple platform designs and innovation was all on the table for this one. was a lot of fun and ended up with a fairytale look for a very cool project.



Games are fun and projects are even more fun when they land you in LA. Well, that's where this piece of work took me. I was part of a team formed by AKQA to do design a gaming social media platform for the Game Firefall. From here you could also check your armoury, health and community. From the story telling approach, we developed a pod where you could access this information and it actually made into the game! we were stoked!


T-shirt / Skateboards . Collections

I had the great pleasure and privilage to design clothing collections and their skateboard line for Trap skateboards and Dickies. I worked in fashion for about five years after being the head of design at Bench clothing in the UK. All in all designing over 100 skateboards during that time.


Record Sleeves

You here this a lot ... I started design records sleeves before getting in to the industry. Well thats kind of true for me too in a way. i actually started out designing flyers for night clubs years ago. I moved on from there to helping out friends design album sleeves and CD's. I have continued to do that over the years, seeing this as a great outlet to vent when design frustration kicks in!!


Showreel 2013

Way back when ... crazy to look at back at this collection of work but its still a nice little piece in itself. It spans a lot of different types of media from Print, Branding, Fashion to digital.