Smart EQ APP

in 2020 all smart vehicles produced will be electric. As part of the creative team at Computer Rock we built the first generation of the Electric Drive EQ App. Developed using their current Corporate identity, we developed a complete Ui kit and modular system. This new approach allowed us to be very flexible, most of all accurate and consistent across the entire build. New features were developed using existing API's, branded and designed to create a unique experience previously not available to the smart customer. Now being marketed and shipped as a USP for the next generation of smart cars.

Creative Team : Ben Reiss, David Kippels, Paul Watmough

Concept & UX : Ben Krammer, Boris Boris de Malvinsky 

Development : CR Belgrade 

Agency : Computer Rock                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Client : Diamler                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

A flexible card based system, that is not only future proof but fun to use.


Swipe left to right to navigate to your desired
service and simply tap to expand more information. scroll down 
to explore ... couldn't be easier.


Modular design system developed 
to set universal standards.

Building a framework of design assets and Ui creates not only consistency from design to development but it also streamlines the working process. Sharing Ui elements across a team allows for a very fast and agile building environment. The kit was built to be scalable and flexible across the entire smart ecosystem, all Ui elements speak the same language, literally as they all were built using the same parameters, measurements, grids and styles. Approaching a kit in this way means it is scalable, a design kit should be for everyone and not be stuck in a complicated process. A fluid approach to design in this way allows for multiple owners to build new elements when needed but be safe in the knowledge that they fit perfectly.


It all starts with

an idea.


The ideation phase began by brainstorming situations in which a user would benefit from a smartphone app for their electric drive car. We quickly sketched ideas to explore opportunities and tackle problems that could come with it. By challenging these ideas we were able to define a realistic scope for a tangible product. We did this by building rapid prototypes that we could test on-site, quickly and efficiently.

UX not only defines behavioral patterns and deliverables it also maps out Ui elements that will be needed in the future to be built and integrated into the design kit.

Evolving the design.


smart already had a design kit that had been developed for print and digital usage. The challenge here was to repurpose what existed and to retrofit it into a new universal design system. We wanted to do this without challenging too much what had already previously been developed. We saw this as an evolution and not a revolution. We firsthand to break down the hierarchy and restructured it to work with a new type of product and design approach.Icons and existing Ui was carefully considered and new elements were created based on original existing ones.




A personised 



We used the API’s available to us to build a more fun and enjoyable user experience. The app addresses you with your first name, informs the user of the current weather conditions at your location and also lets you know the current status of your car. Whether it's a low battery or it's stormy outside the app will give you a heads up and let you know. The language of the app was also very important, smart is fun and unique, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it was important to reflect this throughout the product experience, “Hey Ben grab your sunglasses its nice outside!”



Eco Score.

Monitor your driving with Eco score. Track how well you have driven and use your stats to improve certain aspects of your driving. A fully animated dashboard of info is accessible through the Eco score card.


Keep eye on your current status.

It's easy to monitor your current battery states at a glance from your home card as it is always displayed on your home screen. Checking on your battery status in the app also allows you to have a much more detailed overview, from here it is possible to see how long it will take until a charge is finished if your cable is still in the car or even how close your battery is to empty. Having this kind of info at hand allows you to get on with other things whilst your car is at a charging station.



So it's cold outside! You have your morning commute to work ahead of you. A cold car is not the most appealing place to be right now. No worries! With the App you can heat your car up, remotely from the comfort of your armchair. Pushing the Boost button gets the hot air circulating ready for your arrival



Plan your next trip without the worries often associated with electric drive, running out of juice! With Plug Surfing this anxiety is eased away with an intelligent service that will guide you on your journey and recommend the route with the most convenient charging stations. The service also lets you know if the station is free and gives you a detailed description of the location.

extra screensextra screens

The Future.

The connection to your car will get more and more
 personal and easier. With the development of a smart 
systems it is easier to have that experience closer to
you at all times. Unlocking your car from your wrist or 
opening your car using face recognition could all be 
visions of the Future.


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