Tim Pardoe is an Australian architect who came to me to work together on the branding for his architectural firm. We started by exploring what was unique to his practice, what made him tick and what were his beliefs when it came to the design process. Originally there was no name for the company but further exploration I believed that the very person he was and the ideas and principles he lived by should be reflected in the brand, he was the brand. Hence we settled on the name ´Tim´as a brand name. It encapsulated the very essence of what the studio stood for. With Tim as a name we got to work defining patterns and values that would become ultimately ownable and unique to the studio. 




To complement the logo we developed an insignia that could be used to brand, stamp and burn into materials. The beauty of an insignia is that it's like a satellite to the main logo. It's somewhat responsive by nature and can appear in different formats and environments. It's instantly recognisable and ultimately gives us more ways of expression when communicating the brand message.



To find colours for the brand I explored different environments and materials that Tim had expressed an interest in. He was very close to natural materials and the honesty of process. He believes good work respects its source and there is an honesty in respecting where his materials and methods come from. Once I had identified these I clustered them together and coloured picked parts of images that reflected these thoughts. From here I was able to establish an organic starting point and a solid range of colours that all had meaning and foundation.


Brand extension

I wanted to create a brand pattern that we could use for promotional material, posters, t-shirts, wallpapers etc. Having a brand pattern is a great way to extend the brand world a little more and be a little more expressive and tell other types of stories. I created this very simple line artwork that came from the patterns found in wood. It embodies movement and strength found in nature.