Whats inside my Backpack


I always find it interesting to see what equipment my friends and other creatives are using. I wanted to share my current setup and daily drivers, what I am reading, using to take notes and what I am shooting with when on the move. These are the tools of my everyday creative process and without them I would be pretty lost. This changes from time to time but as of now have a peep inside my backpack.


Sony A6500

I recently moved over to the Sony ecosystem after 8 years with Canon. As much as I loved my Canon Mk2 it just did not fulfil my needs anymore. The Sony a6500 is small, compact and most of all shoots at 120Fps and 4K. I have started experimenting with video and want to turn my photos into moving images. The A6500 is perfect for this, although I will warn you if you're thinking of going the same way make sure you stock up on batteries as this is a real downside to the camera. Apart from that, it's awesome!


This guy really got me inspired on Youtube I totally recommend you check him out. Also, follow me on Instagram for a constant stream of new stuff, would be great to see you over there.

Christian Maté Grab





Sketch Books

I can't tell you how important my sketch book is to me. Even though I am a digital creative the process of scribbling ideas down is one of the most important. I have had sketch books my whole career, big ones, small ones, medium sized ones, I don't care what size it is you must have one in your design arsenal ... and use it.

Design Books

I always have a read with me, whether it's a magazine or typography book. Keeping up to date and continuing to learn about design is an ever growing process that you should never stop doing.

Here's a link to the top 50 must read design books I would recommend you check out.

50 top design books



Music, Music, Music the fruit of life. All of my work has been created to some kind of sound track. My Spotify account is always running overdrive. I have been digging for music in various forms since 99, when I first started collecting vinyl. I put parties on in the UK for about 10 years playing to thousands of people, being a founding member of the Original Heroes we spun hip hop, funk and breaks for many years. The crew is still throwing down events from time to time but sadly I am reserved to house parties and private playlists, but I am still a vinyl nerd. 

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